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Why have your party on The Big Red Party Bus?

Imagine your child’s face when The Big Red Party Bus pulls up outside your house. It has come especially for their party and from the moment it arrives we do our best to make your child feel special.

We offer 3 flexible packages to cater for everyone’s needs. All of them include supervised play, entertainment, games and prizes. You can choose to add party food, birthday cakes and party bags.

Our parties are designed to do away with the hassle associated with a child’s party.

  • We come to you. You can have a party at home without anyone in your house.
  • No mess to clear up. We take care of everything!
  • No entertainment headaches. The Big Red Party Bus provides a really novel, exciting, play place for the kids to let-off steam. The tea party and organized games provide a nice change of pace too.
  • We even provide a parcel for pass the parcel and take care of all the prizes.
  • What shall we feed them? With our flexible menu, they all get yummy food that they will eat or you can choose to provide your own.
  • We do all of the hard work. Our highly experienced crew will take care of everything while you watch the fun.
  • With our flexible range of options you can even let us provide the birthday cake and the party bags.

We offer parties to suit all age groups from first birthday right up to fourteen.  Parties for little ones are as much a social event for parents as they are for the children, the lay out of the bus accommodates adults in the ball pool as well as at the tea party and parents really enjoy joining in with the games.  As children get older the games and music obviously change and the dance floor starts to really come into its own. We welcome older siblings, cousins, grannies etc. as this is a family occasion.

What happens at a party?

We always aim to have The Big Red Party Bus in place about 10 minutes before the party. This means that we can welcome children into the bus as they arrive.

We ask you to provide two responsible adults to help take care of the children and to take children off the bus to the toilet.  This frees us up to concentrate on the entertainment and making sure that everyone has a great time.

After the candles have been blown out the excited kids are let loose to take part in a series of fun competitions with prizes.  We then have a session of party games with prizes on the upper deck, these vary with the age group but include pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps, limbo dancing, rock tree bug, Mr Wolf etc.. By home time they are all back on the slide or learning some dance moves upstairs.

Our party bus is fully equipped with disco lights and a sound system throughout. 

Don't forget, the 2 hour fun-packed party is fully supervised and includes...

  • Exciting lower deck ball pool.
  • Super fun slide.
  • Soft play.
  • Disco dance floor.
  • Cool climbing tower.
  • Monkey bars.
  • Disco lights on both decks.
  • Sound system throughout.
  • Organised party games.
  • Top-deck party feast.

All on The Big Red Party Bus right at your front door.

About our onboard party games

Traditional party games have survived for one reason, kids love them!

We always begin with pass the parcel, we have our own unique version of this game which kids find hilarious. Everyone gets something.

Our games area with its dance floor really lends itself to musical games, musical statues and musical bumps are big favourites, older children love limbo dancing.

Musical participation games such as the farmers in his den, the hokey cokey,three little monkeys etc. go down really well with our younger guests.

We sometimes introduce games into the free play sessions in the ball pool, hide and seek, tig and little fish are all great fun.

We vary the games to give the children what they want and always take the birthday child onto account. Sometimes they just want to play on the slide !

Party packages

We serve freshly cut sandwiches on good quality white or brown bread with various fillings. The big favourites are ham and Dairylea cheese. These come with carrot sticks, cucumber, fruit, crisps, assorted fancy biscuits, mini pork sausages and plenty of juice or water to drink. This is followed by ice-cream. We also offer a Halal or vegetarian version of this menu. We can’t take responsibility for catering for food allergies and suggest that the best and safest approach is to ask the parents to provide a packed lunch. If the staff are informed at the party we can try to make sure that they get the correct meal.

Got any favourite foods? Let us know and we’ll try our best!

In recognition of our high standards we have been awarded a food hygiene rating of 5 by the Food Standards Agency, this is the highest level attainable.

We now offer 3 different party packages to suit your budget:

Basic Party

A 2 hour fun bus party with a drink and a biscuit.

Standard Party

A 2 hour fun bus party with food and drink included.

All Inclusive Party

A 2 hour fun bus party with food, drink, sweetie explosion cake, candles and party bags.

All parties are subject to a fuel charge. We will provide you with a quotation at the time of booking.

Food hygiene rating

Our personalised Big Red Party Bus cake!

Party bus birthday cake

Our stunning party bus cakes are available as an optional extra for just £65. Or if you choose our All Inclusive package, you can upgrade your cake for a party package total of £285.

We offer lots of party extras too...

Colour Me In! Invitations

Why not print off a Big Red Party Bus picture for your children to colour in, free to anyone.  We’d love to see it when we arrive… colour me in.

Special Big Red Party Bus invitations can be printed off here, free of charge… invitations.

Party Bags

Our Party bags cost £1.95 each, and feature a cool toy and a packet of Haribo or gelatine free equivalent.


Special Party Food

If your child has any favourite sandwich fillings or particular ‘treat’ foods, please let us know and we will do our best to provide them within your chosen party package.

Party Bus Cake

We can provide a stunning replica of The Big Red Party Bus made with the finest ingredients for just £65. Our party bus cakes are personalised with your child’s name and if it’s a birthday celebration, the appropriate amount of candles.

We also entertain children at other occasions. Phone us to discuss your specific requirements.