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Why have your party on The Big Red Party Bus?

Imagine your child’s face when The Big Red Party Bus pulls up outside your house. It has come especially for their party and after a quick set-up we show mum and dad around, get them connected to the Bluetooth sound system and the fun and games can begin.

Hiring Thebigredpartybus gives you all of the advantages of a party at home without wrecking your house!

Our bus is a fantastic all weather party venue brought to your door. We deliver it freshly sanitised and in good time before your guests arrive and return to collect it afterwards. This gives you the opportunity to host the party your way. You can serve the kids their favourite food upstairs, you can even order-in pizzas or happy meals to be delivered when they sit down. You can play all of their favourite music too, just pair your phone with our Bluetooth sound system and that’s musical statues, bumps and pass the parcel sorted. It may be that the children just want to play for two hours instead, the beauty is that there’s no one telling you what to do. 

There are helpful notices around the bus to remind you how to play safely and get the most enjoyment of the bus. You will need at least 2-3 responsible adults on board to supervise but the bus can easily accommodate more because of its spacious layout. 

  • We come to you. You can have a party at home without anyone in your house.
  • No entertainment headaches. The Big Red Party Bus provides a really novel, exciting, play place for the kids to let-off steam. A tea party and organised games provide a nice change of pace too.
  • What shall we feed them? The food needn’t be too elaborate, assorted sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and juice make a great meal or you can order in some pizzas or happy meals timed to arrive when they sit down at the folding tables upstairs.

Thebigredpartybus suits all age groups from first birthday right up to fourteen.  Parties for little ones are as much a social event for parents as they are for the children, the lay out of the bus accommodates adults in the soft play area as well as at a tea party and parents really enjoy joining in with your games.  The bus welcomes older siblings, cousins, grannies etc. as this is a family occasion.

All parties are subject to a fuel charge. We will provide you with a quotation at the time of booking.

How much does the party bus hire cost?

Hire of the Big Red Party Bus costs £220 for 2 hours hire plus fuel, please ask for a quote for your location. We will need to take a  £250 hire deposit before the party. This will be fully refundable at the end of the booking.

Our personalised Big Red Party Bus cake!

Party bus birthday cake

Our stunning party bus cakes are available as an optional extra for just £65.

We offer lots of party extras too...

Colour Me In! Invitations

Why not print off a Big Red Party Bus picture for your children to colour in, free to anyone.  You can judge the pictures and give prizes… colour me in.

Special Big Red Party Bus invitations can be printed off here, free of charge… invitations.

Party Bus Cake

We can provide a stunning replica of The Big Red Party Bus made with the finest ingredients for just £65. Our party bus cakes are personalised with your child’s name and if it’s a birthday celebration, the appropriate amount of candles.

Thebigredpartybus is ideal for other occasions. Phone us to discuss your specific requirements.