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All aboard the Big Red Kids Party Bus

The Big Red Party Bus has great lighting on both decks which make an after dark party really exciting! We will require a place to plug-in a power lead and the children will also need access to a toilet.

As an exciting, high energy environment for young children, safety has been a key concern in its’ design. We have done our utmost to ensure that our bus is as safe as possible. Designed in conjunction with the experts at TigerPlay, the equipment is fully RoSPA compliant.

Our soft play area uses high density, fire resistant foam with special coverings. We are equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers to deal with any eventuality.

Our party bus is routinely checked by an environmental health officer and have been approved by social services and the fire brigade.

The lower deck...

Birmingham party bus

The colourful lower deck is taken up by a big soft play area with multi-coloured LED lighting and built in speakers. This has lots of stuff for clambering and jumping on, a cool climbing tower to the top deck, super slippy slide and monkey bars!

The top deck...

Kids party bus disco

The top deck is a big, bright fantastic space. It has comfy sofa style seating for up to 20 kids*, a dance floor with disco lights, multi-coloured LED lighting and a sound system, this doubles as the dining area and party games space.

*Recommended numbers vary with age – the optimum age for bigger parties is 5 years.

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We have lots of photos of our Party Bus in action,
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Children's party bus

Where do you park?

The bus is 8 1/2 feet wide, 30 feet long and 14 1/2 feet high.

If we can get onto a drive we will, otherwise we generally park at the kerb. This is OK as long as there aren’t any parking restrictions and we aren’t causing an obstruction. If we are parking at the kerb it is a good idea to let your neighbours know in advance. If we are coming onto your drive remember the bus weighs 10 tons and doesn’t like scratchy shrubs or trees. The driver will assess whether this is possible.

Just a few things to remember...

NO BARE FEET! Socks or tights must be worn by all children on the bus.
TRY TO COVER UP! Slides can cause friction burns.
DRESS SENSIBLY FOR THE TIME OF YEAR/WEATHER! Wear a jumper or vest if it’s cold.